Chip Hoebeke

Director of Turnaround Receivership and Insolvency,

Contact Details

Director of Turnaround Receivership and Insolvency,
7782 Thornapple Bayou
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
United States
Work: 616-975-2830
Mobile: 616-308-2821
Home: 616-975-2830

Years of Experience

21 - 30

Number of Times Appointed a Receiver


Lead Roles in Federal Receiverships

  • Receiver

Other Roles in Federal Receiverships

  • Financial Advisor
  • Tax Advisor

Receivership Experience in these USDC Courts

  • Michigan Western

Receivership Experience with these Agencies

  • Other

Sizes of Federal Equity Receiverships

  • $25 Million +

Roles in Other (Non-Federal) Equity Receiverships

  • Accountant to Creditor Appointed Receiver
  • Accountant to State Court Appointed Receiver
  • Consultant
  • Financial Advisor
  • State Court Appointed Receiver
  • Tax Advisor

Industry Specialties

  • Energy
  • Fiduciary Management
  • International Issues

Professional Certifications

  • CPA, CIRA, Fellow of INSOL International

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