Peter Davis

Senior Managing Director,
J.S. Held LLC

Contact Details

Senior Managing Director,
J.S. Held LLC
3101 North Central Avenue
Suite 670
Phoenix, AZ 85012
United States
Work: 602-279-7503
Mobile: 602-295-6068
Home: 602-279-7503

Years of Experience

21 - 30

Professional Bio

Managing Director Peter S. Davis has nearly 20 years of experience in complex receiverships, forensic accounting, fraud detection, bankruptcy matters, valuations and damages. Mr. Davis has served as Receiver in regulatory matters brought by the SEC, FTC, Arizona Corporation Commission, the Arizona State Board of Education, as well as lenders and shareholders. His areas of expertise include understanding and interpreting complex financial data, fraud detection and deterrence, and determina¬tion of damages. Mr. Davis is conversant in German and has consulted for companies in the U.S., Germany and Japan.

Company Description

Formed in 1999 by Managing Director, Peter S. Davis, and based in Phoenix, Arizona, Simon is a boutique forensic accounting and receivership firm with decades of combined experience investigating, analyzing, and managing entities in adversarial settings. As the premier provider of complex financial and litigation consulting services in the Southwest, Simon Consulting, LLC (“Simon”) is the authority in forensic accounting, fraud investigation, damage calculations, receivership and restructuring, business valuations, family and criminal law matters, forensic economics, and expert witness services.

Number of Times Appointed a Receiver


Lead Roles in Federal Receiverships

  • Receiver

Other Roles in Federal Receiverships

  • Accountant on Principal Accountant's Team

Receivership Experience in these USDC Courts

  • Arizona
  • New York Eastern
  • New York Southern

Receivership Experience with these Agencies

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Federal Trade Commision
  • Securities and Exchange Commission

Sizes of Federal Equity Receiverships

  • $ 1 - $10 Million
  • $10 - $25 Million
  • $25 Million +

Federal Equity Receivership Cases on which I have Worked

  • 1. Federal Trade Commission v Money Now Funding LLC, et al.; CV-13-01583-PHX-ROS; United States District Court, District of Arizona 2. Federal Trade Commission v National Card Monitor LLC, et al.; CV-12-2521-PHX-JAT United States District Court, District of Arizona 3. Federal Trade Commission v ELH Consulting, LLC; CV 12-02246-PHX-FJM; United States District Court, District of Arizona 4. Securities and Exchange Commission v Berger, et al.; 12-CV-4728 (LDW-ARL); United States District Court, Eastern District of New York 5. Securities and Exchange Commission v McMillan; CV 06-0951-PCG-SMM; United States District Court, District of Arizona 6. Securities and Exchange Commission v Poirier, et al.; 96-02243-PHX-EHC; United States District Court, District of Arizona

Roles in Other (Non-Federal) Equity Receiverships

  • Accountant to State Court Appointed Receiver
  • Consultant
  • Creditor Appointed Receiver
  • State Court Appointed Receiver

Industry Specialties

  • Capital Management
  • Fiduciary Management
  • Finance
  • Real Estate

Types of Services or Products Your Company Provides

  • Consultant: Financial
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Insolvency Restructure

Professional Certifications

  • Mr. Davis is a Certified Public Accountant, Accredited in Business Valuation, Certified in Financial Forensics, a Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor, a Certified Turnaround Professional, and a Certified Fraud Examiner.


Mr. Davis received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Loyola Marymount University and his Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University.

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